Adventure Log the First - Ifa (Part One)

Soren's Log

Adventure Log the First
Ifa, Part I


Early this morning when we set out, we saw a winged woman in the woods. Her wings were very unusual, as if they were webbed and scaled, more like a reptile than a bird. Of course, everyone's heard of Ryuujin, but I always thought it was a case where everyone knew of a trader who claimed to have seen one but had never laid eyes upon one themselves. So, I am unsure if I was seeing things correctly or if perhaps some type of illusion had been cast… Anyway, Grace (bless her, I think she hasn't done much traveling) scared her off by throwing a salutatory axe. When we looked into the brush to find her, there was only a very cute cat in her place. I took the precious creature with us for the night.

During that day's travels we met a socially inept weazard who predicted rain and camped with us overnight. He also mentioned that the city we were making our way to had recently had some issues with nekogoblin pickpockets. Bonedog proposed and lost a bet regarding the outcome of the weather, which surprised me given the notoriously untrustworthy nature of weather wizards' predictions. But most troublingly, our feline friend was gone before we rose, so now I suppose we may never figure her out (or pet her again). 

We arrived that day in Ifa, a modest city where adorable merchandise was being sold. I managed to get my hands on a particularly cute-looking cloak but had a run-in with one of the thieves that the weazard had mentioned. The little rascal tried to make off with something but I caught them in time to protect my valuables, but unfortunately, they ran off and we were unable to chase them down. Afterwards, I made my way down to the local pound on the off chance that someone may have found and turned in our cat friend. No luck in that regard, but I did however adopt Ladybug, a red baby slime who seems content to ride in my pocket. She seemed so depressed in there that I couldn't resist adopting her.

When I met back up with the others, Krallice brought to our attention an issue regarding the sale of a controlled substance at the local hospital. I wasn't sure what the big deal was, as Demon Lacquer is used in many different ways in tinctures and potions, but it seemed as though they were circumventing some kind of permit requirement and selling it to unlicensed buyers. This led to an arrest that seemed to surprise the townspeople as well as some extra gold for us. During this process we also managed to get our hands on some documents that have given us a lead regarding the orphanage that was shipping the Demon Lacquer from a covert operation. The information seems compelling, as the orphanage seems to be both a front for moving illicit items in addition to being a legitimately operational orphanage. It sounds like something that wouldn't be a particularly safe environment for children, so I hope that we can follow up on that information soon.

We'll be staying at the Meadow Inn; I'm enthused about sleeping in a warm bed. I will update the log again soon.



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