Adventure Log the Second - Ifa (Part Two)

Soren's Log

Adventure Log the Second
Ifa, Part II


At the Meadow Inn, we met the tavern owner whose first words to us were, "are you in need of work?" At that moment I would have preferred sleep, but I'm not sure what kind of adventurers we would be if we had said no. It turned out that the nekogoblins were an even bigger problem than we had realized, and all the thefts were leading to a decline in profits for local businesses and diminished tourism for the city. I, for one was eager to accept and get to the bottom of this rash of thefts since after all, I had nearly fallen victim to it as well.

We visited the market in hopes of drawing out the pickpockets, but most of the vendors had already closed up for the night and there didn't seem to be enough of a crowd to draw out the greedy cats so we went back to the inn to sleep.

Everyone was awakened the next morning by the sound of a magical… hand monster terrorizing the people of the city. We managed to best it with relatively little trouble and I managed to gather the necessities to create an enchanted glove, so while it wasn't my favorite way to greet the morning, it turned out for the best in the end. When the dust settled we noticed a nekogoblin hiding behind a cart, but he immediately ran, so we gave chase.

We managed to chase him down to a run-down shack nearby, where they were staying with several other nekogoblins and a big hobnekogoblin, who we decided to speak to first and foremost. I could tell Krallice's patience with them was very short, but I came up with an idea to try and sate the nekogoblins' desire for shiny objects. I made a quick run to the market while the others distracted the cats and made a purchase of some glittery powder and catnip. When I offered the mixture to the cats, they seemed very pleased with it. And I'm not quite sure how, but Bonedog convinced them that he was their new ruler, so we managed to bring them back into town for a gold reward. All in all, our time in Ifa was quite interesting.

Next we'll be making our way to Take Me Down to New York City, which is perhaps the oddest name I've ever heard of for a place. I hear it's highly populated and boasts surprisingly delicious specialty jams of all kinds of flavors. I've also heard something about it being haunted, so it should be eventful if nothing else. 

And I nearly forgot to mention: our cat friend came back to us! I'm glad to see her, and I hope her presence indicates that we are on the right path. I will update the log again soon once we have made some more progress.



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