The next town we're going to.

Town Name: Take Me Down to New York City
Town Population: 8.5 million
Ruler: Despotic Necromancer.  He came to power by tricking the local population and is holed up in his enchanted treehouse.
Environment: In an enchanted forest.
Representative Buildings: There is an embassy for skeleton people.  It has a skeleton religous center.
Specialty Goods: Gormet jelley.  Strange ones like carrot jelly and bread jelly and pork jelly.
Sights, Sounds, Scents: Lots of elephants.  Mysterious bird calls.  Strong vanilla scent.
Town's Threats: Ghosts.  Like the Boos from Mario.  People think that they're associated with skeletons, and this is causing problems.  They're mostly inconvenient.  They keep fucking up, but apologizing.



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