Prince "Bonedog" Raekwon

An adventuring spirit wearing a gibbon's skeleton as a costume


Name: Prince “Bonedog” Raekwon
Gender: Skeleton
Class: Hunter
Type: Attack
Level: 4

Strength: 10
Dexterity: 6
Intelligence: 6
Spirit: 6

HP: 24
MP: 13
Carrying Capacity: 16

Terrain specialty: woods

Mastered Weapon: 1 Croquette Mallet (reskinned blade)
Accuracy: [DEX + STR] /roll 1d6
Damage: [STR+1] /roll 1d10+2

Reverse Knife (Light Blade)
Accuracy: [DEX + INT 1] /roll 2d61
Damage: [INT] /roll 1d6

Personal Item: Seashell

Prince (that’s his first name) Raekwon was once a wandering spirit of the endless void who got so bored with a timeless, infinite emptiness in which nothing happened that he concentrated real hard on the closest physical dimension and found himself possessing the bones of a long dead gibbon! The whole ‘being alive’ thing seems fairly interesting.

Class Skills:

Animal Tracking
You can track four types of monsters (animal, phantom beast, demonstone, or phantom plant) by following their prints and spoor. You will also receive a 1 bonus to damage against a monster tracked using this skill.
Skill Effect: Find a monster’s location. +1 bonus to damage against any monsters found.
[STR + INT] /roll 1d6

You are able to harvest valuable materials, such as leather or food, from defeated monsters. The type of item you receive on a success is shown in the Monster’s entry in the Dragonica.
Skill Effect: Harvest materials from a defeated Monster
[DEX + INT] /roll2d6

You are able to catch small wild animals for food. This skill is used just before the camp check is made, however, if you decide to go hunting, you cannot also help set up camp. The higher the result of the check, the more food you catch.
Skill Effect: Receive a number of rations equal to Check result – target number, but cannot participate in the camp check. Critical: All food is Delicious. Fumble: Afflicted by [Injury: 6] status effect
[DEX + INT] /roll 2d6

Gold: 356
Large Backpack 6/10 size 5
-Sleeping Bag size 1
-Wooden Utensils size 1
-Waterskin size 1
-Rations x2 size 2 total
Reverse Knife size 1
Croquette Mallet (carried in hand, so no size)

Total size: 5


Prince "Bonedog" Raekwon

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