Technical Healer


Name: Krallice
Race: Human
Level: 2


HP: 15/15
MP: 12/12
Carrying Cap: 6/10

Mastered Weapon: Bow, (2 Handed)
Accuracy: 1dDEX+1dINT – 2
Damage: 1dDEX

Krallice’s Backpack
Gold: 556
Personal Item: Special Boots (See bio)
Basic Kit
Herb Bottle (unopened)


You heal a companion’s injuries by creating a secret remedy from Healing Herbs and water. Any Healing Herb may be used, but the process takes time, so this skill is less effective if used during combat.

Skill Effect: Target character recovers HP equal to the result of [INT + SPI]. During combat, recover only the result of [INT] (only 1 die.)

Usable Circumstances: Spend 1 Healing Herb
Stat Used: [INT + SPI]; (During combat, [INT] only)
TN: None

First Aid
You can relieve a character’s status effect for one hour. This also reduces the strength of the status ailment by your current level. If this reduces the strength of the status ailment to 0 or below, the status effect is immediately cured. A character may only receive First Aid once per day, regardless of whether or not the check is successful.

Skill Effect: Relieve a character’s status effect for 1 hour. Then, reduce that status effect’s strength permanently by a number equal to the Healer’s level.

Usable Circumstances:A character with a status effect who has not yet received first aid today
Stat Used:[INT + SPI]
TN: Status effect’s strength

Herb Gathering
You know where to find potent Healing Herbs. Once each morning, when you succeed on this Skill Check, you can explore the wilderness to obtain a Healing Herb. The Healing Herb obtained depends on the current terrain. See the Healing Herb list in the Item Section for more information. Healing Herbs are only good for one day, unless you use a disposable herb bottle to keep it fresh for up to a week.

Skill Effect: Find a single Healing Herb. Critical: Find 3 Healing Herbs. Fumble: Afflicted with [Poison: 6]

Usable Circumstances: Once each morning,
Stat Used: [STR + INT]
TN: Topography before the Travel check


Krallice, a local herbalist and academy doctor, begins her journey after a long period of muted, dull practice. Dragged through family care routines and minor ailments, Krallice looks back fondly to time passed at the academy during her advanced training. Faced with a bleak future, Krallice dug into the rumors on the streets of a small group venturing beyond the outskirts of the town where herbs and remedies, the secrets of life, grew. Many of them, she understood, were missing from even her advanced scrolls. Krallice has joined the small party of explorers to advance her study, foraging for the strangest of herbs to invent remedies unknown. While some have cautioned her study, Krallice ties her knapsack and prepares to move ahead.

Once Krallice announced her intention to journey far and wide, bringing back herbal remedies to aid her patients, the local medical board tailored custom boots for her which she cherishes day and night. The boots’ leather is embroidered with a symbol of the healing arts.


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