Name: Providentia
Race: Midori-Ryuu
Level: 3
Alt. Shape: brown housecat

Artifact: Encyclopedia
Max LP: 5

Tale of the Traveler’s Journal
The Tale of Kindness

Protection of the Dragon
2 LP
The Ryuujin appears in dragon form and takes the blow meant for the travelers, but the scar from this wound will never disappear.
When one or more PCs is about to take damage, the Ryuujin jumps in and takes the damage instead. The damage is nullified.

Guidance of the Dragon
2 LP
Usable when the travelers are lost. You can change a PC’s failed Directional Check into a success.

Appearance, Personality: Her Ryuujin form looks like a green haired woman in her mid 30s. She seems shy, but she likes quietly spending time with others.

Goal: “I want tales of of strange wonders and travelers who solve their problems by being clever.”

Living Quarters: An ancient, vast library hidden inside of and underneath a hill.



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