Skett Nee

Noble Fighter


Name: Skett Nee
Species: Large Bug
Gender: Bug
Class: Noble
Type: Fighter
Level: 4

STR: 12
DEX: 6
INT: 4
SPI: 6

HP: 27
MP: 14
DF: 2 – Medium Armor
-1 to Initiative and travel Checks – Medium Armor
Carrying Cap: 18

Perks: Feint and Search combat actions

Mastered Weapons:
-Reinforced Tail Stinger (reskinned + 1 polearm), accuracy: DEX+STR, damage: STR+2
Stinger health: 4/5
-bow (crossbow), accuracy: INT+DEX-2, Damage: DEX

Personal Item: Golden Necklace given to me by the mole people

Class Skills
-Refined Education
-Weapon Grace
-Rocky Terrain specialty (+2)

Large Backpack:
sleeping bag
wooden utensils
rations x2
golden necklace (from the mole people)
A cow (Edible)
Large Cape (Doesn’t fit)
Leg (Of a massive frog)


Skett Nee

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