she's wet


Name: Wet
Gender: Weird Gal
Class: Merchant
Type: Technical
Race: Shade
Level: 4
Weather Affinity: Fog
Status Effect Immunity: Sickness

Strength: 6
Dexterity: 10
Intelligence: 6
Spirit: 6

HP: 20
MP: 13
DF: 1 – Light armor
Carrying Capacity: 12 + 3 (Pocket Ability)

Mastered Weapon: Poisoning Accurate Crossbow (Reskinned Bow) (2-handed)
Accuracy: 1dDEX+1dINT – 1
Damage: 1dDEX

Personal Item: White stone with flecks of many different colours throughout.

Class Skills:

As a merchant who earns her keep by trading, your communication skills are top notch.
Skill Effect: +1 bonus to Condition Checks. +3 bonus to Carrying Capacity

Usable Circumstances: Any Negotiation Check
Stat Used: N/A

Animal Owner
You have learned how to raise animals that will help you carry your goods. Normally, only one animal can be taken on a Journey for free (without paying their daily food and water costs). With this skill, you can keep more animals without incurring their food and water costs. The animal rules are explained in detail in the Items section.

Skill Effect: You can keep 2 more animals for a total of 3 without paying for their food and water.

Usable Circumstances:N/A
Stat Used:N/A

When you go shopping, you can buy items cheaply and sell items at a higher price. However, in order to do so, you must buy or sell at least four items of the same type at once. When buying, you must have enough money to buy all the items at their normal price. If you succeed on the check, the price of the items will change. If you fail a check when buying, you cannot cancel the deal: You must buy the goods at full price. There may be times when supplies are short or shop owners refuse to deal with you, and you cannot use this skill. You may not use Trader to sell items in the same town that you have bought them.
Skill Effect: You may buy items at a reduced price or sell items at an increased value.

Usable Circumstances: When selling/buying 4 or more of the same item
Stat Used: [INT + SPI]
TN: See table

Check Result: % In Price Change

6 to 7: 10%
8 to 9: 20%
10 to 13: 40%
14 to 17: 60%
18+: 80%
When purchasing goods reduce the price by this amount; when selling goods increase the price by this amount.

Gold: 5470
Cute Belt Pouch 1/2 size 1
- Cute Lantern size 1
Cute Large Backpack 6/10 size 5
- Bedazzled Scarab Beetle That Ghosts’s Are Attracted To size 1 (But Not Right Now Its In Take Me Down To New York City ANd She’s Getting It On The Way Back)
- Cute Octofish Stuffed Animal size 2
- Cute Pillow size 1
- Cute Sleeping Bag size 1
- Cute Wooden Utensils size 1
- Cute Waterskin size 1
Poisoning Accurate Crossbow (no size)
Cute Herb Bottle 0/3 size 3

Charlesbronson The Cute Baby Unicorn

Condition 4

Total size: 9/15

+2 fumble points

Her eyes emit a soft glow, limiting her stealth capabilities unless she closes them. Of course, when she closes them, she can’t see.

Her form is somewhat amorphous, being that she can stretch and change shape, within reasonable limitations. She can’t change her shape to be one of more or less matter than what she is made of, her clothes don’t change with her, and twisting herself into strange shapes for extended periods of time tires her out greatly.


Wet is a shade from the Northeastern section of [insert Fantasy Land Name Here Pwease]. Back home she ran an oddities shop, but her selection was only ever really limited to what travelers brought into town. She decided to set out on an adventure to forge new relationships with people from all over the continent to ensure a steady supply of new and strange merchandise.

As she generally keeps to herself, she didn’t have anyone to set out on an adventure with, and decided to keep out of sight while evaluating groups of adventurers she crossed paths with in order to determine whether or not she should travel with them.

Her true mission: to make a real friend


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