Log 1 - Beginning of the Journey

Log, Travel Activity 1



Our party set upon the road with vigor and full stomachs, save Prince’s bruised bones, and encountered little trouble before nightfall. A small brown cat found its way into our company after a strange, if also brief, encounter with a green-haired madam about my age. She danced back behind the wood and flickered away after Grace tossed her axe nearby as some kind of elvish greeting. Her leaving was probably for the best after an introduction such as that. The cat, however, was not so frightened. It stayed safe with Soren until nightfall when it departed during the heavy rains.. Before that, however, we met a wizard of the sky, a predictor and student of the weather. An odd fellow, nebbish and mild, chatted with us for a moment and informed us of heavy rain. Prince disputed his prediction with a bet and lost it in the night, along with our Brown furred friend. We continued nonetheless and arrived in Ifa unharmed.


Whilst in Ifa I uncovered an organized front operation for the trade of dangerous herbs, only properly utilized by those within my profession. Whilst Soren was nearly robbed without police assistance, we did manage to utilize forces more interested in the law. Prince and I uncovered documents evidencing the illegal front operation’s host: a supposed orphanage in a town nearby. Grace and Soren spoke with authorities and arrested the scoundrels working in the local clinic, selling wares and herbs of misdeed and villainy. We met again at the inn and organized our party’s supplies and gold. Off, soon, we set to return to the case of the nekogoblin thieves who almost saw the better of Soren’s wallet. I certainly hope we can avoid unpleasantries or injury – though a modest supply of Hime Apples will see us through the usual bouts of banter.


Log closed.

The next town we're going to.

Town Name: Take Me Down to New York City
Town Population: 8.5 million
Ruler: Despotic Necromancer.  He came to power by tricking the local population and is holed up in his enchanted treehouse.
Environment: In an enchanted forest.
Representative Buildings: There is an embassy for skeleton people.  It has a skeleton religous center.
Specialty Goods: Gormet jelley.  Strange ones like carrot jelly and bread jelly and pork jelly.
Sights, Sounds, Scents: Lots of elephants.  Mysterious bird calls.  Strong vanilla scent.
Town's Threats: Ghosts.  Like the Boos from Mario.  People think that they're associated with skeletons, and this is causing problems.  They're mostly inconvenient.  They keep fucking up, but apologizing.

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