New Peepoville

Town Name: New Peepoville
Population: at least 5,000 or so people.  The original people there are magical apes who learn how to talk and build buildings through magic becasue they are magical apes.  Also a small but welcome population of mole people.
Ruler or Representative: None.  They're communists.
Environment: It looks like a regular little town nestled between 3 big mountains, but with a path leading from the swamp.  Below the town is a massive, sprawling, subterranean city.
Representative Buildings: There's a really deep building that goes down very far that's like a big trading center.  Also an abandoned underground temple that had to be evacuated because it started flooding after the great ape red party uprising of 1892.  It's partially flooded, but people don't go down there, and the entrence is sealed off.  Also a mole people embacy that provides services for displaced mole people and other displaced minorities.  Also a huge building shaped like a toilet, but it's really, really deep down.  No one knows what goes on in it.
Specialty Goods: Fruits.  Strange fruits that you don't see elsewhere.  Many fruits grow underground.  They also export crystals.
Sights, Sounds, Scents: Smells like farts.  WHere they built downwards, you can see different types of crystals in teh walls of the underground parts.  They're very colorful.  You always hear faint music no matter where you are, but you can't tell where it's coming from.
Town's Threats: There is one guy who plays a lot of pranks.  Like an inordinate amount.  He's a modern day frat boy who fell through a worm hole.  His name's Chad.  He doesn't know how to get home.

Experience and gold

So the whole adventure with Take Me Down to New York City doesn't quite fit with how it wants me to do experience, so I'll treat it as a session with level appropriate travel, so you'll get 200 XP for that.  Today's session gave you all another 350.  This gives you a total of 1110 XP.  It's 1200 XP for level 4, so you'll be leveling up after next session.

The necklace Skett received is worth 2,000 gold.

PLumbgo Fungus Bungerville' 

Town Name: PLumbgo Fungus Bungerville' 
Town Population: 8 permanent residents, 9 total people.  They're summoners.
Ruler: a big baby like Spirited Away, king, no regent, the baby is seriously actually in charge, he's named Rumpelstiltskin
Environment: real swampy swamp, on stilts with boardwalks, mangrove trees, talking trees, sun rarely comes out, cool, hazy and foggy.  Parts of city are under repair and construction.
Representative Buildings: Baby's house.  It has stilts upon stilts and you need to climb a lot of stairs.  It has officials in it and the biggest crib ever.  Lots of baby toys, and it's high up to keep the baby from getting dirty.  Crib takes up a lot of room and officials are kind of stuffed.  You can see for miles from this building.
Specialty Goods: The best, most fertilized mud ever.  Variety of good and horrible plants can grow from it.  Very large and colorful flowers, each with different magical effects.
Sights, Sounds, Scents: every so often something will bubble up and it'll pop and will smell like candy canes.  The entire town smells at least a little like that, but it gets strong when a bubble pops.  A lot of floaty glowy orbs.  The orbs feel soft and make a cute noise if you touch them.  There are sounds of birds and monkeys or at least sound like monkeys.  Every so often you hear a scream from very far off outside the village.
Town's Threats: alligator-sized frogs, can just snag and swallow you, real big round boys, usually a rare site, but they've been moving their habitat closer and closer over the years


Today the party earned 230 experience, bringing you all to a total of 560.  So one more session until you all level up.

In case you were wondering about XP.

Just letting you all know that you got 100XP for our first session and another 230 for today, giving you a total of 330.  600 are needed to get to level 3.

Adventure Log the Second - Ifa (Part Two)
Soren's Log

Adventure Log the Second
Ifa, Part II


At the Meadow Inn, we met the tavern owner whose first words to us were, "are you in need of work?" At that moment I would have preferred sleep, but I'm not sure what kind of adventurers we would be if we had said no. It turned out that the nekogoblins were an even bigger problem than we had realized, and all the thefts were leading to a decline in profits for local businesses and diminished tourism for the city. I, for one was eager to accept and get to the bottom of this rash of thefts since after all, I had nearly fallen victim to it as well.

We visited the market in hopes of drawing out the pickpockets, but most of the vendors had already closed up for the night and there didn't seem to be enough of a crowd to draw out the greedy cats so we went back to the inn to sleep.

Everyone was awakened the next morning by the sound of a magical… hand monster terrorizing the people of the city. We managed to best it with relatively little trouble and I managed to gather the necessities to create an enchanted glove, so while it wasn't my favorite way to greet the morning, it turned out for the best in the end. When the dust settled we noticed a nekogoblin hiding behind a cart, but he immediately ran, so we gave chase.

We managed to chase him down to a run-down shack nearby, where they were staying with several other nekogoblins and a big hobnekogoblin, who we decided to speak to first and foremost. I could tell Krallice's patience with them was very short, but I came up with an idea to try and sate the nekogoblins' desire for shiny objects. I made a quick run to the market while the others distracted the cats and made a purchase of some glittery powder and catnip. When I offered the mixture to the cats, they seemed very pleased with it. And I'm not quite sure how, but Bonedog convinced them that he was their new ruler, so we managed to bring them back into town for a gold reward. All in all, our time in Ifa was quite interesting.

Next we'll be making our way to Take Me Down to New York City, which is perhaps the oddest name I've ever heard of for a place. I hear it's highly populated and boasts surprisingly delicious specialty jams of all kinds of flavors. I've also heard something about it being haunted, so it should be eventful if nothing else. 

And I nearly forgot to mention: our cat friend came back to us! I'm glad to see her, and I hope her presence indicates that we are on the right path. I will update the log again soon once we have made some more progress.

Adventure Log the First - Ifa (Part One)
Soren's Log

Adventure Log the First
Ifa, Part I


Early this morning when we set out, we saw a winged woman in the woods. Her wings were very unusual, as if they were webbed and scaled, more like a reptile than a bird. Of course, everyone's heard of Ryuujin, but I always thought it was a case where everyone knew of a trader who claimed to have seen one but had never laid eyes upon one themselves. So, I am unsure if I was seeing things correctly or if perhaps some type of illusion had been cast… Anyway, Grace (bless her, I think she hasn't done much traveling) scared her off by throwing a salutatory axe. When we looked into the brush to find her, there was only a very cute cat in her place. I took the precious creature with us for the night.

During that day's travels we met a socially inept weazard who predicted rain and camped with us overnight. He also mentioned that the city we were making our way to had recently had some issues with nekogoblin pickpockets. Bonedog proposed and lost a bet regarding the outcome of the weather, which surprised me given the notoriously untrustworthy nature of weather wizards' predictions. But most troublingly, our feline friend was gone before we rose, so now I suppose we may never figure her out (or pet her again). 

We arrived that day in Ifa, a modest city where adorable merchandise was being sold. I managed to get my hands on a particularly cute-looking cloak but had a run-in with one of the thieves that the weazard had mentioned. The little rascal tried to make off with something but I caught them in time to protect my valuables, but unfortunately, they ran off and we were unable to chase them down. Afterwards, I made my way down to the local pound on the off chance that someone may have found and turned in our cat friend. No luck in that regard, but I did however adopt Ladybug, a red baby slime who seems content to ride in my pocket. She seemed so depressed in there that I couldn't resist adopting her.

When I met back up with the others, Krallice brought to our attention an issue regarding the sale of a controlled substance at the local hospital. I wasn't sure what the big deal was, as Demon Lacquer is used in many different ways in tinctures and potions, but it seemed as though they were circumventing some kind of permit requirement and selling it to unlicensed buyers. This led to an arrest that seemed to surprise the townspeople as well as some extra gold for us. During this process we also managed to get our hands on some documents that have given us a lead regarding the orphanage that was shipping the Demon Lacquer from a covert operation. The information seems compelling, as the orphanage seems to be both a front for moving illicit items in addition to being a legitimately operational orphanage. It sounds like something that wouldn't be a particularly safe environment for children, so I hope that we can follow up on that information soon.

We'll be staying at the Meadow Inn; I'm enthused about sleeping in a warm bed. I will update the log again soon.

Log 1 - Beginning of the Journey

Log, Travel Activity 1



Our party set upon the road with vigor and full stomachs, save Prince’s bruised bones, and encountered little trouble before nightfall. A small brown cat found its way into our company after a strange, if also brief, encounter with a green-haired madam about my age. She danced back behind the wood and flickered away after Grace tossed her axe nearby as some kind of elvish greeting. Her leaving was probably for the best after an introduction such as that. The cat, however, was not so frightened. It stayed safe with Soren until nightfall when it departed during the heavy rains.. Before that, however, we met a wizard of the sky, a predictor and student of the weather. An odd fellow, nebbish and mild, chatted with us for a moment and informed us of heavy rain. Prince disputed his prediction with a bet and lost it in the night, along with our Brown furred friend. We continued nonetheless and arrived in Ifa unharmed.


Whilst in Ifa I uncovered an organized front operation for the trade of dangerous herbs, only properly utilized by those within my profession. Whilst Soren was nearly robbed without police assistance, we did manage to utilize forces more interested in the law. Prince and I uncovered documents evidencing the illegal front operation’s host: a supposed orphanage in a town nearby. Grace and Soren spoke with authorities and arrested the scoundrels working in the local clinic, selling wares and herbs of misdeed and villainy. We met again at the inn and organized our party’s supplies and gold. Off, soon, we set to return to the case of the nekogoblin thieves who almost saw the better of Soren’s wallet. I certainly hope we can avoid unpleasantries or injury – though a modest supply of Hime Apples will see us through the usual bouts of banter.


Log closed.

The next town we're going to.

Town Name: Take Me Down to New York City
Town Population: 8.5 million
Ruler: Despotic Necromancer.  He came to power by tricking the local population and is holed up in his enchanted treehouse.
Environment: In an enchanted forest.
Representative Buildings: There is an embassy for skeleton people.  It has a skeleton religous center.
Specialty Goods: Gormet jelley.  Strange ones like carrot jelly and bread jelly and pork jelly.
Sights, Sounds, Scents: Lots of elephants.  Mysterious bird calls.  Strong vanilla scent.
Town's Threats: Ghosts.  Like the Boos from Mario.  People think that they're associated with skeletons, and this is causing problems.  They're mostly inconvenient.  They keep fucking up, but apologizing.

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