Town Name: Felafelafelafelafel

Town Population: Crab.  A minimum of 30,000 crabs.

Ruler or Representative: Crab with human head who talks like Benny from New Vegas.  His name is Tommy.

Environment: Very rainy and drizzly.  A lot of grey skies.

Representative Buildings: Tommy's Crab Shack.  That's where the ruler lives.

Specialty Goods: Noise pollution and crab cakes, which are not made of crabs.  They're made by crabs of non-crab substances.

Sights, Sounds, Scents: It's like a big, bustling city.  Tall buildings and lots of people saying "Hey, I'm walking here!"  It's like "Crab New Yoik."  It smells like cheap perfume everywhere.  But like good cheap perfume.

Town's Threats: A secret society of crabs who are planning on starting a civil war among the city.  The reason the secret society wants this is a growing divide between those who believe in Crab Santa Claws and those who don't.



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