New Peepoville

Town Name: New Peepoville
Population: at least 5,000 or so people.  The original people there are magical apes who learn how to talk and build buildings through magic becasue they are magical apes.  Also a small but welcome population of mole people.
Ruler or Representative: None.  They're communists.
Environment: It looks like a regular little town nestled between 3 big mountains, but with a path leading from the swamp.  Below the town is a massive, sprawling, subterranean city.
Representative Buildings: There's a really deep building that goes down very far that's like a big trading center.  Also an abandoned underground temple that had to be evacuated because it started flooding after the great ape red party uprising of 1892.  It's partially flooded, but people don't go down there, and the entrence is sealed off.  Also a mole people embacy that provides services for displaced mole people and other displaced minorities.  Also a huge building shaped like a toilet, but it's really, really deep down.  No one knows what goes on in it.
Specialty Goods: Fruits.  Strange fruits that you don't see elsewhere.  Many fruits grow underground.  They also export crystals.
Sights, Sounds, Scents: Smells like farts.  WHere they built downwards, you can see different types of crystals in teh walls of the underground parts.  They're very colorful.  You always hear faint music no matter where you are, but you can't tell where it's coming from.
Town's Threats: There is one guy who plays a lot of pranks.  Like an inordinate amount.  He's a modern day frat boy who fell through a worm hole.  His name's Chad.  He doesn't know how to get home.



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