PLumbgo Fungus Bungerville' 

Town Name: PLumbgo Fungus Bungerville' 
Town Population: 8 permanent residents, 9 total people.  They're summoners.
Ruler: a big baby like Spirited Away, king, no regent, the baby is seriously actually in charge, he's named Rumpelstiltskin
Environment: real swampy swamp, on stilts with boardwalks, mangrove trees, talking trees, sun rarely comes out, cool, hazy and foggy.  Parts of city are under repair and construction.
Representative Buildings: Baby's house.  It has stilts upon stilts and you need to climb a lot of stairs.  It has officials in it and the biggest crib ever.  Lots of baby toys, and it's high up to keep the baby from getting dirty.  Crib takes up a lot of room and officials are kind of stuffed.  You can see for miles from this building.
Specialty Goods: The best, most fertilized mud ever.  Variety of good and horrible plants can grow from it.  Very large and colorful flowers, each with different magical effects.
Sights, Sounds, Scents: every so often something will bubble up and it'll pop and will smell like candy canes.  The entire town smells at least a little like that, but it gets strong when a bubble pops.  A lot of floaty glowy orbs.  The orbs feel soft and make a cute noise if you touch them.  There are sounds of birds and monkeys or at least sound like monkeys.  Every so often you hear a scream from very far off outside the village.
Town's Threats: alligator-sized frogs, can just snag and swallow you, real big round boys, usually a rare site, but they've been moving their habitat closer and closer over the years



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