Dire Pog



Class: Minstrel

Type: Magic (Autumn)
Rain Specialty

Strength: 4
Dexterity: 8
Intelligence: 8
Spirit: 8

HP: 14
MP: 23

Carrying Capacity: 10

Weapon: Skittle Wand (Bow) 1
Accuracy: 2d8-2-2
Damage: 1d8

Reason for Journeying:

Personal Item:


Class Skills:

As a minstrel who makes his earning by constant travel, you’ve learned how to travel safely.
Skill Effect: +1 to Journey Checks (Travel/Direction/Camping Checks; always in effect)

Knowledge of Tradition
The people you have met on your travels have taught you their old songs and legends. You have learned a great deal about the world in this way.
Skill Effect: You can get more information about the things you see and hear.
Usable Circumstances: Anytime you come across something interesting.

You can play music that reinvigorates your companions. Once per scenario you may choose one terrain or weather type you are currently traveling through and gain it as a song. For example, if your character is currently in a rainy grassland, they might learn “Rain Song” or “Ballad of the Grassland,” but not “Desert Rumba.” You may later use the song only if it matches the specific condition in which it was acquired: for example, “Rain Song” can be used anytime it is raining, regardless of terrain. You can name your song whatever you like (the above names are only examples).
Skill Effect: Give all party members a +1 bonus to their next roll. Critical: +3 bonus Fumble: Any PCs with Condition of 6 or less gain the [Muddled: 6] status effect.
Usable Circumstances: when in a suitable area.
TN: Topography
Each use reduces the Minstrel’s HP by 1


Incantation Magic:

Alert Bell Alarm
4MP 12 hours 10 sqm area Touch
Causes a magical bell to appear. The bell will sound an alarm if a monster comes within 10 m. The bell cannot be moved. This spell is recommended for new players. Grants +1 on Camp Checks.

Animal Tamer
10MP 12 hours Up to 7 animals All
For the duration of the spell, the caster may tame a number of wild animals that are within sight at the end of the ritual. They may be used as either riding or pack animals. In order to cast the spell, the caster must capture or detain the target animals. Caster rolls [SPI] (1 die): a number of animals equal to that result are tamed. The spell has no effect on monsters.

Arrow Compass
4MP 12 hours Touch
Causes a magical compass to appear. Recommended for new players. Grants +1 on Direction Checks

Attack of the Killer Object
4MP Instant 1 person all areas
An object on the battlefield strikes the target for 1d6 damage. As long as the Magic
Check is not a Fumble, the magic will take effect no matter the target’s Condition. The
object used disappears.

Cure Touch
4MP Instant 1 person Touch
Heals a wound in an instant. Caster rolls [INT] (1 die) and heals a target’s HP for that

4MP Overnight 1 work in progress Caster
After the ritual is complete, little elves appear while the caster is sleeping to work on a simple project of the caster’s choice. They will do work equal to what a 6 year old child can do.

Enhanced Red Hand
4MP 6 rounds 1 person Touch
The target’s main weapon hand glows red. It confers strength and skill and guides the
weapon to its target. Grants +1 to Accuracy Checks.

Shooting Star
4MP Instant 1 person All Areas
Shoots a blast of heat from the caster’s palm that slams into the target. Caster rolls [SPI] (1 die) and deals damage to target equal to that amount.

Fall Magic:

Fallen Leaves
2MP Permanent Ground Touch
A cubic meter of dead leaves appears.

Harvest Moon
2MP 6 rounds All area All Areas
A beautiful full moon appears in the night sky. This magic may only be used at night, in an area where the sky is visible. While the spell is in effect, the weather becomes “clear” and moonlight illuminates the area. The Spring Magic “Kaguya’s Leylance” may use this moon as though it was a real moon.

Otome Tears
4MP 6 rounds 1 person All Areas
The target’s eyes are filled with tears, blurring their vision and giving them a -2 penalty to Accuracy Checks.

Magic Jam Bottle
4MP 7 days Food Touch
Any edible item can be made into a long-lasting jam, keeping all its flavor, but preserved for one week. The amount of rations created is determined by a roll of [SPI] (1 die); Healing Herbs are unaffected.

Grateful Scarecrow
4MP 6 round 1 person Close Area
A scarecrow appears and draws an enemy’s attacks. The target has a 50% chance of targeting the dummy scarecrow with all magic, attacks, and special attacks, but area attacks are not affected. Though the dummy is virtually indestructible, if hit with a fire attack, it becomes a “Flaming Scarecrow.”

Spirit of Obon
4MP Instant 1 person All Areas
Obon is the Fall festival where the spirits of the dead return home. This spell releases the soul of an undead-type monster from our world, returning it to the other side. An undead monster that has its soul released by this spell falls to the ground and disappears. However, in order for the soul to be released, this spell must be cast twice – though these castings do not need to be consecutive. There may be some rare undead whose souls will never return, or some undead who refuse to rest even after their soul has been returned, requiring other means of release…

Chocolate Cosmos
4MP Until cured 1 person Close Area
The target remembers or thinks of a past or recent heartbreak. The target suffers [Shock:6], no matter its Condition, though the normal Magic Check is still required. The target must have loved or must be in love, and the strength of their love may raise the Shock value (at the GM’s discretion).

Mignon Bivouac
4MP 12 hours 1 person Touch
Creates a cocoon-like hanging sleeping bag, that maintains a constant temperature whatever its surroundings. Sleeping in this bag grants a +1 bonus to the next day’s Condition, but this spell may only be used if there is a ceiling or something for the ‘cocoon’ to hang from.


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Dire Pog

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